Welcome to my happy hippie misadventures of self discovery in artistry, marriage and motherhood merrily carrying the baggage of mental health and an autoimmune disease. I promise to keep things interesting and almost always look damn good while doing it. BTW my baby ruins lives and you'll hate me for my husband. 

Day1 Sunday - from dying to fighting.

5:55am In bed with Ro and Nic. I feel like shit. 

Yesterday I thought I was dying.   

Last night they confirmed I could have been.  

i have a double ear infection and a severe uterin infection that sent my body into a spiraled down flare and THIS. 


This is the scariest thing that's ever happened to me. That's saying something since I had a heart ultrasound when I was 22weeks pregnant to determine if my heart valves were affected by my EDS. That test was the deciding factor on whether or not I could continue my pregnancy without it killing me. 


I cant see straight I'm so tired. Back later for more. Ahimsa Te'. Aparigraha. Namaste  

Responsibility, not blame. The dynamic of not good enough.

Three hours of Sleep and Trying to Be my Own Boss - Dec. 2nd, 2016