Welcome to my happy hippie misadventures of self discovery in artistry, marriage and motherhood merrily carrying the baggage of mental health and an autoimmune disease. I promise to keep things interesting and almost always look damn good while doing it. BTW my baby ruins lives and you'll hate me for my husband. 

Hiding From ME & Traveling to New Orleans

Hiding From ME & Traveling to New Orleans

over the last few years I've regained a closeness with my Grandmother. She's a writer than she argues me on it every time I say it. 

Often, I berate her for refusing to write when things get intense or scary or uncertain.  

Her natural ability came through to me.  

I can only speak to her to knowingly because I, too, am deft at hiding.  

its been weeks since a solid solo writing session. 

the last time I wrote by hand in my journal for only myself...even less frequent. 

Im waiting too late. 

when I'm tired and spent from the day. 

Tomorrow is Tuesday. 

Wednesday morning I leave for New Orleans.  

Five days away from my boys. From my family.  

Its hard and hurting but necessary.  

Im excited and anxious.  

I cant wait.  

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