Welcome to my happy hippie misadventures of self discovery in artistry, marriage and motherhood merrily carrying the baggage of mental health and an autoimmune disease. I promise to keep things interesting and almost always look damn good while doing it. BTW my baby ruins lives and you'll hate me for my husband. 

Busy Momtreprenuer Seeks Household Manager

Seeking a domestic goddess who loves organizing, picking up after messy babies, folds laundry like a boss and doesn't mind dealing with a dirty kitchen all while sometimes having a baby on your hip. Is comfortable making calls and doing basic secretarial responsibilities. A personal assistant/nanny who's comfortable wearing multiple hats and thrives in spontaneous circumstances. 

Position would be a few hours a week to start but within the next year turn into a part time position, more for the right person. Hours and pay to be discussed upon interview. Looking for someone who can fit seemlessly into our home that has energy to get stuff DONE. 

Our home is filled with crystals, we live a primarily organic lifestyle and swear more than we should. If uncomfortable with inclusive ideals, the F word or hippie living best not apply.

Child is one year old. Must love dogs. 




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