My Story

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you." - Maya Angelou

I originally started blogging my freshman year of college in 2006. I was alone in my dorm room, my own home for the very first time, and late at night I couldn't sleep. I stayed awake to listen to music and write. For the first time it wasn't dark and lonely poetry. For the first time, living far from all the things holding me back, I felt free. That translated into a blog I started "to keep my family updated on college" because that's what I felt like I was supposed to do. It failed quickly because I didn't like it.

Then I picked it back up strictly as a fashion blogger in January 2013 my final semester in my Bachelor's. Yes, it took me seven years to get a degree in Communication...I was busy getting drunk, taking classes outside of my major and failing a majority of them. To final finish I was taking 25 credits and feared for my sanity. I needed a creative outlet if I were to survive and had learned that getting ready everyday was imperative to my mental health. 

TheConfashional as my first action of public accountability though I didn't really know what that meant yet. 

Eventually I started writing on TC but for a million reasons I can project external I only told half truths. Ultimately it only came down to the only thing always under everything...fear. I was afraid of the people close to me leaving. Afraid of what others would think. Afraid of how speaking owning my voice would affect my family. Afraid of having to own my parts in the stories I was telling. I wasn't ready because I didn't know myself yet. 

Now my main objective here is to get a book deal.
I am New York Times Best Selling Author; I just haven't finishing writing my book yet. 

I'm telling the full truth as I know it. Recommitting this space to a full soul creative outlet and giving myself permission to let these voices inside pour out of me. This isn't just my story, but ours. All the versions of Shante' trapped timeless in my mind. Making friends with my past and broadening my perspectives. They're all amazing and awful. I am learning to love myself uncondtionally and fully. This is the last step to fully standing in myself. 

Welcome to my clusterfuck fairy tale. 


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Get Lost and Find Yourself...

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